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While adrift in this spiritual sea

In this quantum of time

That we call now and today

The suppressed secret to our salvation was set to flame

Oh Holy Sun

Why did we hide in the shade?

Running away from our fate

So fast and unpaced

Even though your heartbeat pulses symphonically with ours

And we are blessed by Earth's reciprocal green and blue chorus 

We progressively missed the beat

But now that you slowed down the World

Gave us a break

You took some lives for a cause that’s yet to be disclaimed

But I trust these lives help us pave the way

You forced us

To look deep within

And around

To environ our thoughts

To kill our thirst for blood

To recognize only love and peace stimulus

You showed us the door

So we could fly through

As an advanced species

That will recognize that you are a star and I am a star

That all beings existing in this biosphere are baptized by the Earth

That we are significant in our insignificance

That this planet is as One

And that borders are wounds that have beeen plastered

That we are a family, not only people or people-like species

But every organism and plant and tree

Belong to Earth Family.