the vagina as the muse

13 artists create original artworks to destigmatize the vagina and encourage body acceptance

Gustave Courbet, L’origine du monde (Origin of the world), 1866

The vagina, the flower of life, is a wonder of nature, a sacred symbol of creation. Universally shared, yet always uniquely expressed through a complex variety of form, pattern and palette.

For centuries our relationship to the vagina has been colored with guilt and embarrassment. Still to this day, women all over the world are told to hide and be ashamed of their bodies, their vaginas being the epicenter.

We rarely see vaginas in our current culture & media, and if we do, most likely it’s in the context of pornography. Having such a limited vulgarized relationship with our body is both disempowering and disingenuous.


The image of a vagina is mostly non-existent in the art world. It’s often seen as too taboo rather than the powerful muse that she is. Yet how can something so exquisite, human and vital not inspire great works of art?


In April 2021, artist, activist and naturalist Marisa Papen shared her vagina, her Flower of Life (uncensored), with the world as an NFT, counter-culturing our current community guidelines. It was the first ever NFT of a vagina — a historic and powerful statement. With this evocative piece she furthers her quest to free ourselves from misconception and shame in the ongoing cultural war against the human body.

To further explore this message, Earth Family has commissioned & brought together a group of 13 international artists to produce a collection of interpretations called Flowers of Life. By gathering these different visions and distinct lenses we aspire to push this vital cultural conversation forward & transform our beliefs around the vagina.

13 original works of art inspired by the vagina

Participating Artists:

Loutje Hoekstra 
Philippe Stella
Angu Walters
Polly Verity
Alice Walton
Sam Chirnside
Tatianna Filidonos
Michael Hutter
Director Jacq
Shannon Rankin
Wang Ge
Marisa Papen + Michael Chichi 

From Australia, Canada, Hawaii, Germany, U.K., Cameroon, USA, Netherlands & Belgium.

Mediums — oil painting, watercolor, origami, digital art, vellum collage, porcelain sculpture, ink, photography, embroidery and sand painting. 

Marisa Papen + Michael Chichi

Artist Statement
With this work, I aim to restore our interpretation of the vagina by showing her in the light of high-fidelity and elegance. I wanted to show myself in full detail without any obscurity. 

By showing myself entirely with ‘Flower of Life’, I touch upon our fascination for mystery and our soft spot for beauty. I undressed culture itself from its thick layers of propaganda so we can once again see our naked/natural truth.  Look at this vagina, exposed in all its glory. Look at all its simultaneous complexity and simplicity.

The vagina, the Flower of Life, is a wonder of nature, a sacred symbol of creation. Universally shared, yet always uniquely expressed through a complex variety of form, pattern and palette.

Marisa Papen is an artist, activist and naturalist. She became internationally known for her controversial work involving religion, body freedom & censorship. Though her artivism she has been pushing boundaries, as much as societyʼs as her own. Her intention is to open a space for raw conversation where we zoom out on strongly held beliefs and zoom in on the core of our beings.

Michael Chichi is a designer, photographer, musician and curator of Synaptic Stimuli. His desire is to create artistic and emotional beauty, to combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new, and to stretch beyond the ordinary in pursuit of purpose and meaning.




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