Angu Walters

Artist Statement
When I started the process of creating this piece called Flower of Life, I was thinking of the origin of life on earth, where we all come from, and how the existence of life on earth was born. I decided to be a part of this collective effort because it offered me the opportunity to come together with all these talented artists around the world working on the same theme. I’m so very happy to be part of the project even though it was a difficult task to complete this painting. It was a strange situation and it was my first time to feel this way. It took me what felt like forever to finish but when I started connecting the lines together - I felt strong again - as I sensed the urge to create a feeling of unity. I want to thank Marisa and Michael for the lessons they offered, I learned a lot.

Walters Angu Che was born in 1980, a native of the Mezam District in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The artist’s studio is in the NW city of Bamenda which has since 2017 found itself at the very center of a brutal civil war. There are not a lot of places more perfectly remote where a gifted artist seeking to emerge from obscurity faces greater obstacles. Angu’s works express surrealism because he believes that his dreams are inspirational to his life and works. He often titles his favorite paintings,“The Happy Family”, because to him the family is the foundation on which a successful professional and matrimonial life is built. Many paintings express his special reverence for mothers. His works are exhibited in galleries world-wide and in Africa at the Cameroon National Museum in Yaoundé.



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