Director Jacq

Artist Statement
Flower of Life for me is the symbolic door to a new world, the rebirth of human existence through suffer and sacrifice.

Art needs to be part of the renewal of life and humans. It’s an effort that can’t be done alone and needs to involve all the artistic power that is left on earth. Art is a ritual that needs to be done together. I applaud this initiative and Marisa’s creativity and courage. While creating my contribution for ‘Flowers of Life”, I imagined that the cape will be on Marisa’s shoulders when she is elected the new ‘Pope’.

Director Jacq is an Intergalactic creator known for his mysterious hand-embroidered paintings, capes, and tribal-like objects. Operating from an unknown location in space, he seems to send artistic messages to the earthlings. Only operating online, nobody has ever met the artist to a point that his existence had been put into question. Is he an outsider artist, a madman or just a character directed by another artist who is pulling the strings? Whatever it might be, his embroidered pieces bear witness of a personal universe created with a high level of craftsmanship and sense for geometrical harmony. His works read like religious manuscripts of a lost or never discovered tribal society.

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