Lend your artistic voice to an important cause — a quest to free ourselves from misconception and shame in the ongoing cultural war against the human body.


In March of this year, we produced Flower Of Life — an evocative photograph of a vagina (above).

It is a vulnerable, empowering and important work of distinction that we offered as an NFT. It was the first ever NFT vagina — a historic and powerful statement. Flower Of Life opened a conversation that we now wish to continue by adding your distinct voice.

Learn more about the project and message → earthfamily.io/flower

Earth Family is a non-profit, ethos-inspired creative studio founded by Marisa Papen.  Earth Family speaks for the voiceless and touches upon social taboos to affect positive change.

Learn more → www.earthfamily.io and www.marisapapen.com

“There is no such thing as sinful skin.  Our naked bodies are always in humble integrity. There is divine poetry in our sexes”.

Marisa Papen


Every year, since 2017, Marisa Papen has produced a series of calendar/art prints. Each year, through the lens of art she has explored a theme or issue we face upon this planet.  Plastic in the oceans. Hypocrisies of religion. Disappearance of wildlife. Climate change. Earth unity. Animal equality.  

For 2022 we are producing the Flower Of Life calendar & art print project. However for this year, we are opting for the 13 moon calendar, composed of 13 original artworks, all inspired by the ‘Flower Of Life’ image. 

The 13 Moon, 28-day calendar is a new standard of time for all people everywhere who desire a genuinely new world. If the calendar and time we follow is irregular, artificial and mechanized, so becomes our mind.

We are assembling a group of a 13 artists to produce these original works.  Together they will form a collection of interpretations that will transform our understanding and views around the vagina. By gathering these different visions and distinct lenses we will push this vital cultural conversation forward. The dialogue has started, but now it’s time to expand and unveil other layers.

We intend to make the calendar/art prints available for sale sometime in December 2021.  Also, we desire & intend to have the artworks included in a larger gallery exhibition we are organizing for the summer of 2022. 

While we are a non-profit and have a limited budget, we can offer you a $1,000 compensation for the love and time you put towards this project.

If this speaks to your heart, we are here to answer all your questions and happy to jump on a zoom or skype to discuss more.

Either way, if you could, please let us know within the next week or two if you are interested or not.  That would be greatly appreciated, as we are working diligently to curate and select the 13 artists by the end of August.

Below is a list of the artists that we have already curated and will be part of this project.


Michael Hutter

Loutje Hoekstra

Shannon Rankin

Philippe Stella

Poly Verity

Tatianna Filidonos

Dir Jacq

Wang Ge

Angu Walters

Marisa Papen