Art and poetry are metaphorical catalysts. Opening our perspective. Letting in light. Leading us towards our destiny — the path of wholeness. We shape this visionary view through poetry, story and myth.

Earth Family offers art, activism and poetry as service. Our projects & stories evoke deep interconnectedness with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. Remembering our true nature, we heal wounds of separation.

Earth Family facilitates the creation and production of transformative art — books, poetry, film, writing, photography, drawing, design & music.

The Earth Family foundation is a registered non-profit based in Belgium. Together with our elements of love, harmony, unity, freedom, art, truth and interbeing, this foundation is the fertile soil for seeds to grow. The generous support of our sponsors and the revenue of our projects allow these seeds to blossom into the world.

If you wish to become one of our allies, whether financially or by other means of support, we would love to talk with you. Learn about the many ways you can help here. Or contact us at The heart of our sponsorship is always relational rather than transactional.