Michael Hutter

Artist Statement
The work I dedicated to the Flowers of Life Project is based on my painting “The Citizens of Sodom Dance Around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. I think the closest I ever got to Paradise was while I was in the womb: a place without fear, pain and greed. I left this peaceful and innocent place through the gate of the vagina to enter a world which is far more reminiscent of hell than paradise. Still I hope to return to Paradise by crossing this gate again from the other side.

Michael Hutter, born on December 26. 1963 in Dormagen, is a German painter,graphic artist and writer.From 1983 to 1986 he studied free painting in the class of Prof. Karl Marx at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. Since then lively exhibition activity in Germany and abroad and as Kunstkrake at (www.kunstkrake. de). In his abysmal, detailed works, he focuses on eroticism and religion and the cosmic horror. In the year 2012, his self-illustrated story cycle MELCHIOR GRÜN; FUENF MORITATEN was published by Luftschiff Verlag. His second story cycle, THE KRANZEDAN TALES, was published 2021 by Centipede Press.

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