Loutje Hoekstra

Artist Statement
I was trying to build this fundamental yet sensual landscape that holds life. It is inspired by the relation between rocks and moss, pure elements and softness. There is a little stream of water, the depth of forest green and the mystic cool shadows. I chose to not take a full frontal perspective of the vagina since I wanted to give the painting the feeling of a view, a view that is gently approached. It is a lively view, yet it seems like it has been calm and resting there forever. Also it is from its shadows, where the branches of life emerge; the green paths over the hills and rocks. Like the landscape, to come closer means to see more and see anew, this painting reveals enough to emerge with it and little enough to want to come closer.

Loutje Hoekstra (1994) is an Amsterdam based autodidact artist. Her style was born during her studies in biology where she used to make quick sketches of her fellow students and the animals and plants that were subjected to her eye. This practice developed into a method to get a hold of the emotional living core of things and has ever since been extending from the embodiment of explicit portraits to gestures and deeper feelings.

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