Marisa Papen + Michael Chichi

Artist Statement
Marisa —
I believe it is the absence in understanding and acceptance of our bodies that inhibits us to experience the world, within and around, as a spontaneous symphony. Sharing my Flower of Life is to inspire a way of seeing that will once again bring us closer to the natural world that we are. Because to see ourselves in nature’s reflection is to embrace our beautiful complexity - and with the grace of embracing, we can accept.

Michael —
A paradox of our age is that the natural has become seemingly unnatural. We want to cover that which is born naked and pure in the world. This covering, this hiding, corrupts the natural, makes it feel un-pure, and robs us of our humanity. My desire with our work is to re-naturalize and re-sanctify nudity and the body. To see us in the flower, and the flower in us.

Marisa Papen is an artist, activist and naturalist. She became internationally known for her controversial work involving religion, body freedom & censorship. Though her artivism she has been pushing boundaries, as much as societyʼs as her own. Her intention is to open a space for raw conversation where we zoom out on strongly held beliefs and zoom in on the core of our beings.

Michael Chichi is a designer, photographer, musician and curator of Synaptic Stimuli. His desire is to create artistic and emotional beauty, to combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new, and to stretch beyond the ordinary in pursuit of purpose and meaning.