Sam Chirnside

Artist Statement
To me, ‘Flower of Life’ is the raw essence of humanity and how innately connected we are with nature. The flower of life embodies the universal language of creation and coming into life. I took part in this collective expression towards dissolving the current misconceptions faced upon the human body so we can shift our perception towards unity and connection.

Intuitively, my piece formed in a very organic manner. Originating from a central focal point and blooming out in luscious folds both asymmetric and symmetric - mimicking growth from the natural world. Floods of emotive hues ascend upwards and transcend beyond, representing the infinite potential that lies in the seed of all.

Blurring the line between physical and digital practice, Chirnside explores the intersection between art & design. His artwork has been described as “A mixing of natural elements with cosmic & spiritual phenomena that aims to delve beyond the edges of consciousness, exploring areas of order & incomprehension.” Through the use of mixed media techniques, his artwork is an exploration of the fields that exist beyond the minds eye.