Tatianna Filidonos

Artist Statement
When I saw the Flower of Life image, I felt warmth, admiration, and inspiration because it was such a beautifully realistic depiction of that body part. I remember I was with a friend when I received the project’s briefing. When I showed her the picture, she gasped and said to me, “I never saw mine like this.” That resonated with me. Through my painting and performance practice, I aim to create a stasis between the two polar states of denial and embrace, so I decided to embark on this collective effort to embrace and celebrate the Flower of Life.

Filidonos Tatianna is a painter and video artist whose work explores notions and constructions of sexuality. Originally from Athens, Greece, Tatianna moveto Montreal to pursue her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University. She now works and maintains a studio practice in the city. She was the recipient of the 2019 Helene Couture Painting Award and her works have been exhibited in several group shows, including at Art Mur and Galerie Luz.

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