Benjamin Ono

“The Sea has always been a fickle mistress; its waters aren’t always safe, there’s never an identical wave or dive, so there is this sort of ambiguous nature to it, a temperamental quality. I freaking love that. It’s probably what keeps driving me back out - a lack of routine that makes the whole experience more human and authentic; a willingness to accept the conditions and allow myself to lose control over the result. Sometimes I strike out; or at least I think I do - not making a single image for weeks at a time. But others, you just need to show up. And what a magical experience - to be alone in the most beautiful place on earth, to see nature alive and blossoming, to allow the moment to flow through you without any ego hindering your perspective. It’s a relief - as if I finally get to open that gift I have been hiding from myself all these years.”


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