At the heart of Earth Family is a guiding frequency comprised of seven essential elements. When realized in their full potential, life flourishes.

These elements take shape as a symbolic gesture creating a language that crystalizes the profound interconnectedness between the sacred and 3rd dimension. The symbols have a simple underlying structure, the dot and line, the particle and wave.
Quantum physics understands the particle/wave relationship as fundamental in nature. Matter and light are made of minute particles having wave characteristics. The particle represents the materialized receptive energy, the wave the moving creative energy. When in harmony, the particle is carried by the wave, ebbing & flowing to ever-undulating natural rhythms.


Love is metaphysical gravity. That which gives weight to the world. Pulling us together. A healing force. The highest of frequencies.


There is an invisible unified field of intelligence connecting all of life, earth and cosmos. The more we realize this, the more we enter into a unity with all that is. The tree feels your touch, the leaves receive your breath. Wholeness lies within.


Truth is the omnipresent dimension of the universe and ourselves. The deepest layer to be conceived. The paradox of truth is that it resides deep within us yet we have forgotten. Truth is not found but remembered.


Deep in nature is the desire to be free. To move freely. To express freely. To be ourselves. True freedom begins first and foremost in the body, then radiates upward and out into loving thought and action. Freedom is the original expression of creation.


We exist in a reality of relativity. Where everything and everyone is in perpetual relation to each other. There are no individual things, but only endlessly interwoven patterns of interaction. With this understanding, we can see that we inter-are with the world. Your suffering is my suffering. Your happiness is my happiness.


The nature of reality is expressed through infinite difference and variation. All forms harmonize in the balancing emptiness. On the middle path we move towards our blooming wholeness. The earth’s soul lives in our cells. You are embodied essence.


The creative impulse courses through all of life. The practice of art is an intuitive response, bridging the seen and unseen. A song sung by the soul is a revelation of the universe. A canvas colored by the hand of nature is a picture of God.