We transform currency into beauty for the good of Earth Family

The Earth Family foundation is a registered non-profit based in Belgium. Together with our elements of love, harmony, unity, freedom, art, truth and inter-being, this foundation is the fertile soil for seeds to grow. The generous support of our sponsors and the revenue of our projects allow these seeds to blossom into the world.

If you are interested in supporting us financially, we also offer 3 tiers for sponsorhip with benefits.  You can learn more in our sponsor presentation.

Individuals as well as corporate donors can benefit from an income tax reduction on the amount of their gift. We provide a ‘donation acknowledgment receipt’ for all gifts. ︎

“philanthropy unlocks the secret of free energy because it gives selflessly of itself, and it gives intelligently. To give without awareness is charity, to give with awareness is philanthropy.”

— Richard Rudd (Gene Keys, Gene Key 27)