We are an ethos-inspired creative studio generating in-house art and activism projects.  Our specialties are branding, design, music, production, photography, poetry & film.

Quite often we collaborate with a select group of artists.

It is our belief that art has the power to inspire deep change, enlighten minds & expand hearts.   


We aim to grow a garden of visions that flower  with beauty, hope and inspiration.



Founder & Creative Director

Marisa writes and directs campaigns and oversees the global family structure at all times.

Marisa began expressing herself in front of the camera in 2015 — pushing society’s boundaries, as much as her own. She uses culture and our weak spot for beauty as a tool in a fight to restore the imbalances upon this earth. She calls her skin her superhero-suit. Marisa has a deep love for the earth and thatʼs where her ferocious spirit finds the power to speak up for those without a voice, animals and humans alike. Willing to put both body and mind at risk for this goal, she intends to create a lasting impact by showing the undeniable beauty & interconnectedness of our planet.


Creative Director

Michael provides design direction, photography and artist outreach.

Michael is an award winning creative director, designer & photographer. For 20+ years he has managed creative teams to develop work & campaigns for brands such as Apple, RedBull, Virgin, Long Hope Foundation & Pixar. Michael is particularly interested in the evolution of a galactic, planetary & ecological mind which acknowledges that our earth and it’s inhabitants are a system of interelations.  One in which we can further harmonize our relationship with.


Community & Production

Robbe oversees logistics, distribution and communication.

Robbe graduated as a marketeer in 2019, still young in the field,  he has already  explored the waters in some European countries on freelancer basis. His knowledge of health and heart for life gets translated into 24/7 positive energy. His grounding spirit has the capacity to calm rooms and to make them brighter and lighter.