Earth Family is a creative non-profit based on the Big Island of Hawaii. With art and beauty, we tell stories of our intrinsic nature that speak for the voice-less and touch upon social taboos.

In 2020 during a time of both collective isolation & contemplation, Earth Family emerged as a lighthouse of beauty for our foggy world. Through art & activism we communicate our deep relationship to earth, ourselves and one another. Earth Family is under the direction and care of Marisa Papen and Michael Chichi — as both creative allies and husband & wife.


A Lighthouse of Beauty for our Foggy World


Marisa Papen

Founder & Artistic Director

Marisa is an artist, activist and naturalist. She became internationally known for her controversial work involving religion, body freedom & censorship. Though her artivism she has been pushing boundaries, as much as societyʼs as her own.

She challenges beliefs and raises questions by immersing her body in the most controversial environments or most natural wonders of this planet. She sees our soft spot for beauty as a tool to restore imbalances upon earth.

Michael Chichi

Founder & Artistic Director

Michael is an artist, designer, photographer, & musician. As a creative director for over 20 years, he has worked at the intersection of design, branding & new media. Along the way, working with eminent brands such as Apple, RedBull, Virgin, Pixar, and Samsung, and for a handful of imaginative startups.

He aspires to create artistic and emotional beauty, to combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new, and to stretch beyond the ordinary in pursuit of purpose and meaning.

Robbe Papen

Community Liason & Production

Robbe graduated as a marketeer in 2019. Still young in the field, he already gained experience across Europe on freelancer basis. His knowledge of health and fitness is translated into vibrating positive energy.

His grounding spirit has the capacity to calm rooms, make them lighter, yet more full. He currently works as the head of marketing for Out Of Use, a company that recycles and refurbishes electronics.


Earth Family

General Inquires



Our work is made possible by the generosity & support of our donors. Earth Family is a registered 501c(3) non-profit.

If you connect with our vision and would like to support our efforts, learn more ︎