Meet the Author & Illustrator

Marisa Papen

Marisa is an artist, activist and naturalist. She became internationally known for her controversial work involving religion, body freedom & censorship. Though her artivism she has been pushing boundaries, as much as societyʼs as her own. Marisa challenges beliefs and raises questions by immersing her body in the most controversial environments or natural wonders of this planet. She sees our soft spot for beauty as a tool to restore imbalances upon earth. She calls her skin her superhero suit as she unveils the raw simplicity hidden beneath cultural complexity.

Loutje Hoekstra

Loutje is an Amsterdam based autodidact artist. Her style was born during her studies in biology where she used to make quick sketches of her fellow students and the animals and plants that were subjected to her eye. This practice developed into a method to get a hold of the emotional living core of things and has ever since been extending from the embodiment of explicit portraits to gestures and deeper feelings.