Esteban Wautier

Born in France in the early nineties, Esteban grew up amidst the smells of developing chemicals, which awakened in him an initial curiosity for the mystery of the image-making process.

He followed this attraction for the image all the way to college, where he studied History of Art and then Photography in Paris.

A few years later, his interest for mystery took on a new dimension. A succession of trips and encounters throughout the world introduced him to the transcendental and universal aspect of Nature. The contemplation of the phenomena and events that cross his path then became for him a way to unveil the latent forces that emerge on the surface of concrete realities.

In the manner of a witness, he strives to pick up and connect the most subtle clues left by Nature to our attention, bringing to light an underlying harmony able to metamorphose the way we perceive our world.

see more of Esteban’s gorgeous and enigmatic work at @estebanwautier and

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