Polly Verity

Daughter of artists, Polly Verity grew up in an environment where there were plenty of art materials to hand and she was encouraged to experiment. Her step-grandfather, Eric de Mare wrote a book “Your Book of Paperfolding” in the 1960s. Although origami has been practiced for hundreds of years, a pure abstract tessellated form is relatively recent, the Bauhaus first experimenting in 1920’s. Polly’s paper folding designs follow in this vein, creating low relief repeat geometric 3D patterns. More recently, Polly has been wet-folding watercolour paper to create portraits. Although you wouldn’t know, the years of study in the geometric transformation of paper informs these softer sculptural works. There is an infinite variety of forms that can arise from this method and Polly chooses folds that are particularly photogenic and striking. The texture of the paper gives a feeling of the surface of stone and the simplicity of line, the feeling of discovering a timeless sculpture from antiquity.

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