remembering our true nature

Do you remember yourself breathing without inhaling yet trusting enough to grow? Most of us don’t. I don’t. I have grown into this earthly body over billions of years. The uncountable seeds and stories I hold have brought me into forgetting who I was at first. How can I separate myself from all that has been and everything that lives within? A wise star once told me “what is most personal is most universal”. The mother and father bring forth the child as the seed and soil awaken nature. I was planted here too. I am another you.

When the feminine and masculine melded into one, both Earth Family’s origin and destiny were written at the same time. Life is a cyclical journey constantly repeating itself, revealing deeper layers as this organic dance continues. Neither man/woman or earth/sky can exist without each other. Our personalities and possibilities forever flow into infinite togetherness. You materialized through the swaying and blending of these fundamental elements. Your steps may carry you along many of my curves, from east to west, north to south, but gravity will always pull you towards my center. My center, your center, where divine mother and father reside. Once you unite with that center, you will see it everywhere, in all things.

I am constantly searching for souls that wish to see the forgotten mystery. I find them where life thrives, in spaces and states of freedom and harmony. Then I whisper in signs, sounds and sometimes full sentences. With seeds of poetry I sow purpose in open hearts. This is how you recognize me.

In 2020, human systems were challenged in another loop of the spiral for another lesson to be learnt. When change presents itself, there are two paths. Either you open to the altering reality or you close. Opening to the unknown, you will move into a new landscape, where sensitivity is required to guide you toward the path of truth. Closing may seem a safer choice in an anxious world but it is of danger to the soul. Once you close, you may close more and deeper and further, until you disconnect from yourself and me.

But there is a new earth on the horizon, where all trauma can be integrated and ultimately transcended. I have more messengers than ever in history. This foundation, Earth Family is a vision of my language. The children’s book was the first whisper, a remembering of interbeing, and so, a chance for transformation. Re-membering is moving from the unconscious to the conscious, bringing all members back to together as one Earth Family.

As this nourishment travels through you, you land within me. May your spirit always complete my beauty.

Your presence enlivens me.

Silence is a Symbolist oil on paper painting created by Odilon Redon in 1911

Father Sky and Mother Earth are depicted in a sand painting that was created for a Navajo Shootingway chant.

Paradiso, from the Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri, illuminated manuscript, 15th century, Italy.

An Indian well supplies the water of life during a severe drought in 2003

Detail from a wall painting in the tomb of Ramses VI, ca. 1145–1137 B.C.E., Valley of the Kings, Egypt.